Tri / Life Balance

Tri / Life Balance

Tri / Life Balance

Not all Triathletes are full time athletes that can devote their time to training, planning, meal prep and everything else that comes with becoming a triathlete.
Most triathletes have more on their plate, more to juggle, full time jobs, families, children and dogs!
Then the idea of triathlon training sort of takes a back seat, Β and any free time becomes, well…not free.

At 6am before work mid-yawn walking into the gym, jumping on your bike, or stretching your wetsuit over your shoulders, the question “what am i going?!’ might pop into your head.

Schedule your week…
Write out your week, put it into a calendar this will highlight any available time, utilise it and schedule in your time to train.

Morning training…
Training before work can sound awful when you are woken hours earlier than you need to do by your alarm. BUT it means your training is done before the day kicks off and something can get in the way of your training.

Start small…
Why not start with a sprint triathlon, for a beginner wanting to try out a Tri, training for a long course triathlon can be over whelming (as well as time consuming). Training for a sprint triathlon won’t be as intense or feel as daunting.

Be consistent…
Consistency is key, you may not have the time to dedicate an evening to the gym, but do something. Something is better than nothing, just because you can’t free up time for a full training session Β do something smaller it’ll help with motivation .
So just dial up the intensity and have a shorter work out.

Get creative…
Bring your training into your daily life. Cycle/run to work, go for a run on your lunch break. Turn your evening dog walk into an evening dog run. Cycle to the shop for a pint of milk. if your schedule is tight then adapt what you are already doing.

You need a good balance to ensure you enjoy your triathlon experience. If you spend your time running up to an event stressed out and panicking about managing your time and your training your going to be missing out on half of the fun.
A coach can help you manage your time and ensure your work outs are quality so none of that valuable time is wasted.

Use these helpful tips to balance your life and fit in your triathlon training!

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