LCW Jervis Bay Has Broke The Mould!

LCW Jervis Bay Has Broke The Mould!

LCW Jervis Bay has broke the mould!
Taking place this weekend LCW Jervis Bay will see the Females dominating the weekend. LCW Jervis Bay unlike your typical Triathlon statistics which usually sees no more than 30% female participation, Jervis Bay has changed the game with 55% of the field being female!


Females dominate in the age categories to, especially in juniors with again around 60% of the participants being female, going against the statistics of young women not participating in sport. LCW Jervis Bay are seeing an impressive amount of young female athletes – that’s something to be proud of! Women are dominating every age category up to the age of 54!!


Could LCW Jervis Bay be paving the way for women in Triathlon, will we see female domination in our 2018 triathlon season?


LCW Jervis Bay this weekend will see around 1000 athletes take on the course in it’s first year with athletes travelling from America, France, The UK, Russia, South Africa, Austria and of course all over Australia to take on the challenges of the Long Course Weekend.

Here come the girls!