27 Family Members all participating in Long Course Weekend 2019

27 Family Members all participating in Long Course Weekend 2019

Here at Long Course Weekend we pride ourselves on being a family event with inclusivity being at our core.  Nothing illustrates this better than the fantastic story of the Goldsmith family.  This year 27 family members, yes that’s 27 will be attending our Long Course Weekend, many of whom are taking part in one of more events.  Howard Goldsmith explained, “As a family, we have had many wonderful holidays in Tenby with our two daughters and grandparents, and so Tenby has always been a very special place for us.”

In 2014 Howard completed Ironman Wales.  As part of his training he decided to cycle the route to familiarise himself with the course, whilst doing so he bumped into a fellow cyclist who had just completed the Long Course Weekend.  After his successful completion of Ironman in September, he promptly signed up for Long Course in 2015 and persuaded some of his family to come too.

Each year, Howard has encouraged more and more of his family and friends to take part. The group now consists of one of Howard’s daughters, plus nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters-in–law, partners, close friends and extended family.  In Howard’s words, “with the increasing numbers, we have rented more houses each year as people’s love for Tenby grows.”  This year the family will rent out four homes!


Howard states that although the majority of the family are happy to participate, irrespective of finishing time, they do have some elite contenders.  Last year the family had a podium finisher for the first time in the marathon; Colin Davenport.  Howard tells us that this year, Colin is returning and determined to win!  Jon Goldsmith, Howard’s nephew, also came second place in the King of the Hill in 2017, and he too is returning and looking for the top spot!


At the other end of the spectrum, Howard’s 88 year old Mum, Rita, is always there to support the team.  She simply loves watching the event and cheering everyone on; she even managed to get herself on the LCW TV coverage in 2017 as she cheered the cyclists attempting King of the Hill in Saundersfoot.  Howard says that as the family involvement grows, so do their back-up team providing child care, cooking and overall TLC for those taking part. “It’s a real team effort”.

The Goldsmith family are no strangers to supporting events having attended the London Marathon each year since 1987. Howard has completed the race 11 times and his brother Stuart 26 consecutive times.  Howard tells us that although the family loves the London Marathon, their Long Course Weekend has brought another dimension to the family sporting calendar. As the family are quite widespread, the Long Course Weekend gives them a wonderful opportunity to spend time together.

On a personal note, Howard explained that although he has signed up for the full Long Course Weekend most years, injuries have always prevented him getting that elusive 4th medal.  Previously he has completed the full swim and cycle but only managed the half marathon from Pembroke.  However….he says, “This year I’m determined!  At the grand age of 60!”