The Making of the Long Course Weekend Trophy


Take a look at how our men’s and women’s first trophies are made! Here is Begelly Woodcarving demonstrating how they make the elusive Long Course Weekend Wales Trophies.

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Vivo Barefoot – Considering Running in the Shoes


If your still trying to decide about wearing Vivo Shoes, why not take a look at this video and they can help you decide. For more information on the types of shoes, why not visit their shop at

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50 Days until Long Course Weekend


As most of you are aware Long Course Weekend Wales is nearly upon us. There is exactly 50 days until the big event and we hope your training is going well! To mark the occasion, we have put together 50 tips Pre Event 1 Pack your kit… And check, check, and check again! 2 BUT […]

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How to put your Wetsuit on…


Find out how to correctly put on a wetsuit with these tips from Zone3 and avoid cosmetic damage from nails and jewellery. If you haven’t tried on or swum in a triathlon wetsuit before there are a few things you need to consider – from fit, to actually getting the thing on! The Zone3 product […]

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Meet our Wales Swim Sponsor – Zone 3


We are delighted that Zone 3 are still our sponsors for The Wales Swim.   Who are Zone 3? Zone 3 has grown organically to become Europe’s leading triathlon and swimwear brand. This has been achieved by a deep-rooted passion for endurance sports and ensuring that every product offers market leading performance, innovation and functionality. […]

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Meet our Wales Marathon Sponsor – Vivo Barefoot


We would like to introduce you to the sponsors of The Wales Marathon.   Who are Vivo Barefoot? Consider your journey on planet Earth from your feet’s perspective. It’s an immense journey over astonishingly diverse terrain: pulsing, neon-drenched city streets, volcanic black sand beaches, pristine Alpine switchbacks, sun-bleached desert trails, tropical swamps chock full of snakes […]

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The A to Z of Long Course Weekend

The start of The HUUB Wales Swim 2014

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Here we have put together a little A-Z of the weekend for you. A – Atmosphere The atmosphere during the whole weekend is electric.  Wherever you are on the course, the buzz you will get will make you want to go faster.   B – Bananas During the weekend, we supply over 12,000 halves of […]

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LCW Jervis Bay Has Broke The Mould!


LCW Jervis Bay has broke the mould! Taking place this weekend LCW Jervis Bay will see the Females dominating the weekend. LCW Jervis Bay unlike your typical Triathlon statistics which usually sees no more than 30% female participation, Jervis Bay has changed the game with 55% of the field being female! Females dominate in the […]

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Tri / Life Balance


Tri / Life Balance Not all Triathletes are full time athletes that can devote their time to training, planning, meal prep and everything else that comes with becoming a triathlete. Most triathletes have more on their plate, more to juggle, full time jobs, families, children and dogs! Then the idea of triathlon training sort of […]

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David Fletcher 5 x Cancer Survivor and LCW 2017 Athlete


David Fletcher Long Course Weekend Athlete 2017! I am sure you all remember David Fletcher and his story we shared a few months back, in case you missed it click HERE.. It is a must read if your in need of a little motivation or inspiration! David has battled against cancer and won 5 x […]

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