Gareth Scotcher - #TheIronBeaver

Donations are sponsored by Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire, you will be taken to their website to complete your donation.

On September 15th 2003, Gareth was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease - a cruel illness that changed his life forever.

Ever the optimist, Gareth considers himself lucky, "I have fantastic kids, great family and great friends." When his father asked him "Don't you think, 'Why does it have to be me?'" Gareth's outlook is simple, "it has to be someone."

On Friday 12th July 2013, almost ten years after being diagnosed with this debilitating disease, Gareth (along with his friend Nicky Rees) will undertake a truly astonishing task - The Long Course Weekend.

Over three separate days, Gareth's mind, body and soul will be put to the test. Starting with a 2.4 mile swim on Friday, a 112m bike ride on Saturday and finally a full marathon on Sunday.

He's doing this not just for personal gain, but to hopefully raise some money for charity and most importantly to show everyone that no matter your disability or personal problems, with a little help from your friends and loved ones you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

His glass is still half full, and his mind is stronger than ever! So please give whatever you can to this inspirational, motivating and wonderful cause.