The A to Z of Long Course Weekend

The A to Z of Long Course Weekend

Here we have put together a little A-Z of the weekend for you.

A – Atmosphere

The atmosphere during the whole weekend is electric.  Wherever you are on the course, the buzz you will get will make you want to go faster.


B – Bananas

During the weekend, we supply over 12,000 halves of bananas to athletes from the feed stations.


C – Carbohydrates

Keep up with your carbs over the weekend, especially after the bike and before the run.  We are in talks with local restaurants to add pasta to their menus over the weekend.


D – Determination

This is what has got you here and what will get you across the finish line.


E – Entertainment

The Samba Doc Band are at every part of your journey over the weekend.  At your swim start on Friday, on the ‘dreaded’ hill on Saturday and at every run start line on the Sunday! Just to keep those legs moving to a good beat.


F – Fireworks

We looooove fireworks.  From swim start to the athlete presentation, we love a good bang.


G – Gear

Pack all your stuff in advance and prepare them into days, just to make sure you don’t forget anything.  Also some advice, if you have been training for the last 6 months in compression socks, wear your compression socks on race day.  You don’t want to have to pull out on marathon day with cramp because you thought it would be fine.


H – Hills

Unfortunately in Pembrokeshire we have quite a lot of them.  During the bike and run you will see some nice little ones and some great big whoppers.


I – Idyllic

Although we have hills, we also have some breath-taking views around Pembrokeshire.  Don’t forget to take them in while out on the courses.


J – Jelly

Legs or Babies, we know you will have both.  Those Jelly babies though will help with the Jelly legs.


K – Knots

Getting those knots out, ease the cramps and relax those muscles, with the help of an expert sports massage therapists, Vicki and her team.


L – Loved Ones

On Friday and Sunday we will have our ‘Run with a Loved One’ Channel, where the kids can complete the last part with you and receive their own medal.


M – Medals

We try and make them better year on year.  The presentation on Sunday afternoon is definitely one to remember to get you that all important 4th Medal.


N – Nipples

Each year we get a few chaffed nipples and wetsuits burns, so don’t forget to pack the Vaseline and make sure you put plenty on.


O – Overwhelming

Our mass starts all look amazing, but we understand when you standing in the midst of it, it can be quite overwhelming.  Our best advice is to position yourself where you feel comfortable and take in the atmosphere and absorb the memories.


P – Punctures

Don’t forget to bring your punctures kit for the Saturday. We do also have Mark from Mikes Bikes and his team out on course, ready to help you with whatever you need.


Q – Queen of the Hill

During your cycle you will get the chance to become either King, Queen or Junior of the hill – unfortunately this also entails being the quickest up ‘Heartbreak Hill’.


R – Registration

The moment all the manic sets in, as you pick up your event pack and everything is within touching distance.


S – Spectators

Hundreds of people cheering you on by name has got to one be of the best feeling in the world.


T – Times

Obviously there are cut offs on each discipline and we never like seeing people getting cut from a second lap, but we also advise you to keep within your ability.  Don’t over exert yourself on the Swim or Bike and then not be able to complete the weekend.


U – Umbrellas

We don’t want to see one umbrella over the weekend and hope the sun will be out shining every day.  But don’t forget that sunscreen.


V – Volunteers

We wouldn’t be able to put on the event without our amazing volunteers.  They give up their weekend to make your experience the best it can be.  Give them a thank you on your way round.


W – Wales

The Original country where the Long Course Weekend was showcased and is now completed its 10th Year.  Long Course Weekend has now expanded to Mallorca, Australia and Holland.


X – X-Rays

We hate saying it but we have had a few people end up in hospital, so look after yourself over the weekend and make sure you stay within 2 abreast on the bike course.


Y – Yippee

That feeling when you cross the marathon finish line and realise you have done it.  You have completed the Long Course Weekend.


Z – Zzzzzzz

How you feel Sunday night, but still can’t resist a cheeky pint at the famous after party.